I have undergone many phases in my life, and experienced quite a bit of what life can throw at you, but I am thankful for it, for it has made me the strong person I am today, but more importantly, it has facilitated a deeper understanding of human needs and nature.

Titles? What's in a title...I have worked as, Business Management Consultant, Psychiatric Nurse, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, but the one I have now, is semi-retired.

I spend my time still answering any calls for assistance, as people are, and will remain, my abiding passion, but mainly I follow my two personal interests of my artwork and spirituality.

I do not regard myself as an artist or even professional at it, competant is how I would describe it.

However, I so enjoy the process, and would like to share my work with you, if you are wondering why my album is entitled Anachie, this is my pen name, a name affectionally given to me by my Grandfather, and is... just me.

Be at peace for a time as you browse my work, who knows, you may find an inner stillness remains with you when you leave.

Blessed be...as I have been.